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Christmas Poetry

Snowfall whispers, a magical sight, Christmas Eve sparkles with soft, gentle light.

Families gather, hearts full of cheer, Gifts and laughter draw loved ones near.

Cookies scent the air, a sweet embrace, Love and joy fill every space.

In this season of giving, kindness our guide, Merry Christmas to all!


Santa puts presents under the tree What fun this will be for me Christmas is a time of glee Let’s all go on a shopping spree

As snow fell on Christmas Eve It looked just like a winter’s weave Bright and glittering, white and pure Truly a night to endure.

From the roof to the ground From the north to the south The air was calm and still It was magical and quite divine Like nothing I had ever seen And even after it’s gone The memory will always remain.


As the time comes near, We all begin to happily cheer, As Santa is coming to town, All of our frowns turn upside down.

It’s almost Christmas I woke up and I was cold Wind chill through my room back under blankets and pillows I went Ah yes Christmas Presents and events Throw around a snowball or two Woke up not feeling blue Yes Christmas happiness is true


I’m a little pine tree As you can see, All the other pine trees are bigger than me.

Maybe when I grow up, then I’ll be A great big Christmas tree.

Christmas is a time of cheer, Hunting for the finest deer, Sipping on my favorite beer.

Sitting with a bottle of ’ jack, Listening to my favorite raps, Drinking on the last of my Schnapps.


Winter is here, the bells of Christmas season ring.

Children running rampant, demanding all sorts of toys and playthings.

Parents hide in their rooms wrapping the presents up tight, Preparing these gifts for Christmas night. As the children awake, opening their presents and starting to play, The parents get ready for the messes they’ll have to clean all day.

In Wolf Point, Where you stay, Santa’s sleigh is on its way.

With a cheer and a tear, Christmas time is finally here!


All the months go past, Each is like a guest.

December is the last, December is the best.

Each has lovely things, each one is a friend.

But December brings Christmas at the end!


On a Christmas night with too little light, I wish with all my might a great Christmas night.

Not just for me but for all with little to light.

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