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Christmas Poetry

Through a child’s eye, Christmas is a magical time. School is out, Christmas music is loud.

The tree is bright, Filled with lights.

Filled with cheer, Christmas is here.


Christmas is the last holiday of the year Egg face ball Christmas eggnog Sitting on a throne of DVD copies of Elf Rodulph falling down a hole The number seven kicking a Christmas tree They don’t do this in Turkey

Snowy white Christmas Hills, Bring cold Christmas Chills.

Out from snowy Sheds, Come kids with fun Christmas Sleds.

Ready to relish in Christmas Thrill.


Montana Christmas Under the Montana sky, the reindeer fly so high.

As the snowflakes fall, one by one, the stars light up the big blue sky.

Santa nears and Christmas is finally here!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree I want to play with your balls O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree I want to chew on your branches O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree I want to play with that topper O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree I climbed you like a wall O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree You and I had a great fall.


All the months go past The day is coming fast December is the best I can feel it in my chest Each has lovely things But I’d rather have some rings


Christmas is a time for joy, O boy o boy just enjoy The present in the sleigh today Might just runaway, On this great holiday


It’s the Most Stressful Time of the Year Deep in his workshop sat Saint Nick He was stressed with the holiday schtick Ms. Claus said relax, But the holidays pushed him to the max He worked so hard he grew terribly sick

Sleding New shoes Ornament Winter Mrs. Claus Angels North Pole MMM

Wreath Igloo Nise Toy Elves Rudolf MMM

Wanderland Ice skating Night Tree Eve Red nose

Presents Outside Lits A Christmas tree Red coat Belt Eve A sled Reindeer


Pile of snow Elves Nice Garland Upon the housetop Icesicles Night time

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