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Christmas Poetry

Christmas Poetry Christmas Poetry


Christmas morning Ornaments on the Christmas tree Lights on the tree Living in the Christmas joy Yellow star on the tree

canes Happy holidays Reindeer I have been good this year Santa Clause is coming to town The littlest presents mean the most

Money is not always a perfect gift

An ornament to put on the tree Snowflakes

Christmas tree with ornaments

Hot chocolate in the winter Reindeer pulls Santa’s sleigh In the snow to play Snowmen in the snow made by children.

The candy canes on the tree Merry Christmas in the town

A thrilling Christmas year Spending time with my family MMM

yard filled with snow As always, the ornaments hanging off the tree

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

I was decorating the tree Life is great when Christmas is around

Yodelling on the snowy mountain

for my elf to come. In my pj’s 23/7. Now we come together. Together we open our presents. Every day looking for my elf. Ready to say goodbye.


wrap Reindeer Everyone gets presents Super big presents Everyone is happy Nice people on Christmas day Trees decorated for Christmas Santa is nice

sleigh on the roof

A jolly Christmas night Noel Christmas songs There’s presents under the tree

A snowman in the front yard Snowball fights everywhere Reindeer flying in the air Eating gingerbread cookies In my Christmas PJs 24/7 Now Santa comes to town Decorating the tree Everyday looking for my elf Everybody gets gifts Really snowy outside

every Ornaments on the tree Lights on a tree Loving parents Yuletide cheer MMM


everywhere Peppermint Really cold Icy Tree ornaments

in the oven Holiday of snow Reindeer on the roof In the Christmas spirit Santa gives presents Telescope as a present Mistletoe hanging from ceiling

A present under my tree Sleeping before I open my presents in the morning

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