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By Reilly Rees Wolf ….

By Reilly Rees Wolf Point High School

Esta temporada es bien alegre. tenpo pona li lon anu seme?

Every other season can eat some poo.

Eu amo muito ornamento e visco.

под деревом красивые подарки. ma il Natale non è una questione di regali.

Don’t sing “last Christmas” for the love of god. jan mute li toki la jan sama li suli.

Es falso que es sobre felicidad, Когда все всегда забывают языки.

Jeg snakker og taler mange sprog, pero los otros los hablan? así es no.

No aprenden los foreign languages all day

“Como eu me torno como vocȇ…” you might say,

“...Самый умный, многоязычный амбал.”

Well, there’s a way to get it all Durante la navidad o algo tiempo, guey Start learning languages, learn them all day.

C’est comment être un gigachad, mais ne français.

Christmas time is finally here, It’s almost the end of the year.

Everyone filled with festive cheer and joy, Knowing Christmas is a time to enjoy.

Gifts sitting under the tree, Lifting faces with so much glee.

The stockings are up, the milk and cookies are out The presents are shiny, the paper is bright It’s hard to sleep through the cold winter night, Eager to get brand new toys When they wake up the next day.

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