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Gymnast IQ Offers Free Membership

In an unprecedented move, Montana-based company Gymnast IQ is offering exclusive, no-strings-attached lifetime memberships to all Montana families for free. This innovative online gymnastics coaching platform, the first of its kind, is set to revolutionize gymnastics training, providing access to expert coaching that was previously exclusive to elite gymnasts.

Gymnast IQ , co-founded by Jesse Brannon and wife Kayla Murphy, is making a significant leap in democratizing the sport of gymnastics. “As parents of a 7-yearold daughter in her third year of gymnastics, my wife and I have witnessed firsthand how this sport instills self-confidence and a deep sense of belief in our daughter,” Brannon said. “Our vision is to make this transformation accessible to all families, in the hope that these children grow into strong, empowered young adults ready to face the world. We believe large-scale impact can happen one child at a time.”

The platform features U.S. National Team Coach Chris Bushard and Jr. U.S. National Team gymnast & Gold Medalist at the 23 US Championships Reese Esponda, who demonstrate various training routines in the videos. Such high-level coaching ordinarily costs thousands per month, but with Gymnast IQ , it’s available to all skill levels at an affordable price.

For families, access to this revolutionary platform is as simple as visiting www. and using the code “MTKIDS” during the signup process. This offer is valid through November 2023. Gymnast IQ is a pioneering online gymnastics coaching platform aiming to democratize access to elite-level coaching.

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