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Senior Profile Kalal’s Interests Include Horses, Art

Senior Profile Kalal’s Interests Include Horses, Art Senior Profile Kalal’s Interests Include Horses, Art

Froid High School senior Missouri Kalal is a student with many talents. Some of them can be seen on the Facebook page, Missouri Kalal Fine Art.

She explains that she has participated in quick finishes and auctions. Her favorite art work is one called Girl’s Best Friends, which features a girl, a horse and a dog. She sold that piece at an auction and gave the profits to her grandparents.

“It will be a life-long hobby, but I don’t think of it as a career or anything,” Kalal said of her artistic ability.

Her greatest interest is horses and her goal is to become an equine veterinarian.

“I’ve always loved horses. When I was little, other kids used to make fun of me for talking about horses all the time,” Kalal laughs.

She says she has wanted to be a veterinarian since the third grade.

“I want to be able to help animals when they are hurt or suffering,” she explained.

Because of her interest in animals, Kalal has enjoyed success in both FFA and 4-H competitions.

She and her FFA teammates tied for second place at districts and qualified for state in livestock judging. She also was a member of a team that advanced to state in vet science.

When she was a 4-H member, she earned multiple honors for both her lambs and rabbits during the Roosevelt County Fair. She enjoys, however, working with larger animals better.

“You can get more out of them,” Kalal said of larger animals. “I like being able to be in control of them and to be connected.”

In the classroom, her favorite class is art and her favorite teacher is Duane Larsen.

“He’s super carefree, but he lets us know what the rules are,” Kalal explained.

Kalal moved from Roy and started attending school in Froid during the second grade.

After graduation, she plans to attend Miles Community College because it’s close to home and offers agriculture equine courses.

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