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Roosevelt County Holds 2003 4-H Achievement Day

Roosevelt County Holds 2003 4-H Achievement Day Roosevelt County Holds 2003 4-H Achievement Day

The Roosevelt County 4-H clubs have a total of 92 members and leaders, and they held their 2023 Achievement Day on Nov. 12, at the Bainville Fire Hall. The Tumbleweed 4-H Club hosted the event where 4-H members were recognized for their work in their projects and membership.

Each year, 4-H members with large animal projects are ultrasounded for carcass judging to see if they qualify for the highest levels of awards. 4-H members who reached those highest levels were: Jaylyn Bjorge for Steer of Merit; Copeland Anderson, Tally Berwick, Blythe Anderson and Holden Salivar for Symbol of Excellence for their swine; Kalia Featherston and Holden Salivar for Certified Lamb; and Kalia Featherston and Tenley Berwick for Carcass of Merit for their goats. They receive a certificate from the state and a Montana Silversmith belt buckle from the 4-H Council.

The Horse Committee awarded a 2023 Silver Spur award and that went to Eleanor Iversen and Emilynn Priddy-Powell.

The 4-H Council recognized the 2023 Outstanding 4-H Club secretary as Samson Smoker for due diligence in recording and submitting the Fort Peck 4-H Club’s minutes.

The 2023 Involvement Awards are sponsored by CHMS, P.C., Certified Public Accountants of Wolf Point. The award is based on the 4-H club’s paperwork, club activities, community service, minutes, etc. All five of the Roosevelt County 4-H Clubs, Centennial Clovers 4-H Club, Fort Peck 4-H Club, Frontier 4-H Club, Tumbleweed 4-H Club and Up-N-Atom 4-H Club were recognized.

Members and leaders were recognized for their milestone years of service in 4-H. Axel Clarke of the Tumbleweed 4-H club was recognized for his five years. Seven- year members were Jaxon Flinn and Tenley Berwick. Ten-year member was Elsie Wilson and the 25-Year membership went to Angi Iverson.

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