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unique holiday party themes

unique holiday party themes unique holiday party themes

4 unique holiday party themes

The holiday season is a festive time of year filled with plenty of opportunities to socialize with friends and family. Parties abound this time of year, and many people may find themselves hosting everything from intimate gatherings to large family dinners.

As people will be attending many different events in the weeks to come, savvy hosts and hostesses may want to set their occasions apart in different ways. One option is to pick an entertaining party theme that guests can get excited about. A fun theme can provide a break from the standard traditions. Consider these four unique party themes when planning holiday parties.

1. Ornament exchange: Decorating the home is commonplace this time of year. Who couldn’t use a new trinket for the mantle or an ornament to adorn the tree? Ask all guests to bring a gift-wrapped ornament to the party. Then place numbers in a bowl and have each guest draw a number; this is the order in which they will then select an ornament. After the first person makes their selection, subsequent guests can choose a new ornament from the pile or “steal” one from those already picked. The guest who picked first then has one last chance to keep or steal at the end.

2. Tropical holiday: The weather outside may be frightful, but a tropical island party can be utterly delightful. Give the event an island flair with fruity drinks, grilled kabobs, coconut desserts, and steel-drum music.

3. Grinchy party: A party devoted to the Dr. Seuss character The Grinch can be a fun way to pass time together. While the holidays are supposed to be holly and jolly, a Grinch-themed party can put the emphasis on being a little bit more naughty than nice. And who doesn’t enjoy an ample serving of roast beast? Have guests come decked out in Grinch costumes or Grinch emblazoned t-shirts or other clothing.

4. Christmas karaoke: Set up the karaoke machine or utilize one of the services available online, and make sure that guests are prepared to belt out their favorite holiday tunes — whether traditional carols or pop hits. A group of ladies can join together for The Waitresses’ Christmas Wrapping or guests can try their hands at hitting the high notes of Mariah Carey’s ubiquitous All I Want for Christmas Is You. Chances are serving some liquid courage will help guests loosen up and be more inclined to grab the microphone.

These are just a few different party themes that holiday hosts can consider this season. Be fun and imaginative this season.

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