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Ackerman Gains Honors During Year

Ackerman Gains Honors During Year Ackerman Gains Honors During Year

Wolf Point High School senior Azalei Ackerman will remember her involvement in sports and the National Honor Society when she looks back on her days at the school.

She said that it’s fun to be active with the National Honor Society. “There are a lot of good people in there,” Ackerman said.

She was voted to the All-Conference team in volleyball as a senior.

“I just have so much confidence playing it,” Ackerman said of volleyball. “It’s something I really enjoy.”

Ackerman appreciates her role as the team’s libero where her digging kept many balls alive during matches.

“I got to stay on the floor all the time,” Ackerman said of what she liked about the position.

There were many highlights of the season for her including helping the Wolves win the conference championship.

She is hoping the girls’ basketball squad enjoys similar success this winter.

“I like being on the court with my teammates and all of the memories,” Ackerman said about playing basketball.

She recalls fondly the different road trips during sports’ seasons.

Her favorite class is yearbook. She especially enjoys photography.

“You get to do your own thing in there,” she added.

She says her favorite teacher is Steven Schwartz. “He always has snacks and is funny to be with,” Ackerman said.

After attending Frontier School, Ackerman started classes in Wolf Point as a freshman.

“I met a lot of new people,” Ackerman said.

After high school, she plans to study psychology. She is undecided of which college to attend.

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