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Frontier School Adds Native American Studies

Frontier School Adds Native American Studies Frontier School Adds Native American Studies

An exciting addition to Frontier School this year is an Native American studies program. Each student in grades 6-8 takes the new class subject.

Frontier superintendent of schools Patrick Drapeau said the state has helped the school district develop a curriculum for the studies.

“It was my heart and desire to bring this to the school,” Drapeau said.

A highlight of the program is a buffalo hunt scheduled for Nov. 30. Drapeau said the students will be involved in processing the buffalo. A community feed is planned for February.

Teacher Tina Strauser explained that a guest speaker comes to the school each Tuesday and Thursday to teach about the buffalo and introduce words pertaining to the buffalo. Strauser leads the class on Mondays and Wednesdays. She uses The American Buffalo documentary by PBS to help with instruction.

For the instruction, the school is working with Fort Peck Community College, Fort Peck Tribes and the Health Promotion Disease Prevention program.

Drapeau said many positive elements are occurring at the school.

The Good Vibes group will compete for the first time at the National History Competition in Montana during February.

He said several students will take advanced math classes through a gifted and talented program starting in January. The program is paid for through a state grant.

Physical improvements at the school include a new front door, carpet, a fence and flooring. There’s a Frontier Mustangs’ carpet along the gym’s bleachers to keep moisture off the gym floor. New windows will also be installed in classrooms. The improvements are being paid for through the school’s reserved building funds.

“I think it’s nicer for students and parents,” Drapeau said. “I think taking care of the building makes the morale a lot better.”

The school’s 10-year building plan includes a new boiler in the next couple of years and concrete outside of the building.

This is Frontier’s first year with the four-day class schedule. “The staff loves it,” Drapeau said of the four-day week. “It’s been a smooth transition. I think mostly because town has been doing it for years.”

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