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Commissioners Agree To Purchase Topper

The Roosevelt County Commissioners approved the purchase of an aluminum topper for the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office during a special meeting on Monday, Nov. 13.

Commissioners explained the topper is needed for the sheriff office to transport bodies as part of coroner services. Cost of the topper is $4,050.

During public comment, resident Bill Juve asked if there is a large turnover taking place in the sheriff’s office. Commissioners said most of the new hires regards dispatchers or jailers. “It’s normal,” Commissioner Gary Macdonald said. Commissioner Gordon Oelkers added that the amount of dispatchers is better than it has been for a long time.

Annual pay raises were approved by road department employee Grant Boysun, maintenance department employee Cam Burshia, clerk and recorder office employee Vicky Boysun, detention center employee Caleb Pendleton and aging services employee Anne Heller.

Resignations were received from detention center employees Gunner Greene and Keelia Brock.

During a special administrative meeting on Nov. 6, Myklynn Lewis was hired for dispatch.

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