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Final Tribal Election Results Released

The final count has been released for the Fort Peck Tribes general election.

After a re-count, Roxanne Gourneau remained as the individual with the 12th most votes to earn a spot on the tribal executive board. Gourneau received 495 votes. Darren Long Hair was 13th with 487 votes while Charles “Chug” Knowlton was 14th with 477 votes.

Gourneau thanked supporters on social media after it was determined that she maintained her lead in the re-count.

“I would like to thank all those that supported me in prayer and vote, for we have successfully claimed a seat on the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribal Council. I look forward to continuing service for our tribe once again and welcome our membership to come to the council chambers anytime to share concerns or issues,” Gourneau posted.

Individuals who were voted to the tribal executive board with their number of votes were Marva Chapman, 782; Bryce Kirk, 735; Melvin Terry Rattling Thunder Sr., 655; Jestin Dupree, 638; Carolyn Bighorn- Brugh, 580; Stacey Summers, 552; Rita Weeks, 545; Benjamin “BJ” Johnson, 532; Wayne Martell, 518; Dana “Sam” Buckles, 515; Lawrence Hamilton, 504; and Gourneau, 495.

Justin Gray Hawk Jr. unseated incumbent chairman Floyd Azure by a 606 to 549 vote margin.

Charles Headdress Sr. was reelected vice chair with 960 votes compared to Patt Iron Cloud’s 545 votes.

Bruce “Cubby” Damon was re-elected sergeant at arms with 1,014 votes compared to Jolynne Bad Hawk’s 493 votes.

Stacie Smith-Fourstar ran unopposed for chief judge and received 1,281 votes. In the associate judge election, Michael Headdress received 955 votes compared to Marvin Youpee Jr.’s 494 votes.

Of the 3,982 total eligible voters, 1,538 cast votes in the Oct. 28 election.

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