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his salary is effective and ….

his salary is effective and happens in third world countries - it’s not the process in Montana.”

Piocos is demanding a jury trial takes place. Piocos is looking for a judgment to acknowledge he was not lawfully removed as county attorney, having his salary reinstated, having his salary paid from Feb. 4 to the present, having attorney’s fees paid and other supplemental relief.

The county has 21 days to issue a reply for the court.

In September, Piocos lost an appeal to the Montana Supreme Court regarding the ruling that he wasn’t an eligible candidate in the 2022 election.

Chief Justice Mike Mc-Grath concluded, “Sections 13-1-111 through -113, MCA, are the appropriate statues to evaluate residency for qualifications of a county office under 7-42201(3), MCA. The District Court had substantial, credible evidence to support a finding that Piocos was not a resident of Roosevelt County for voting purposes on Nov. 8, 2022.”

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