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Commissioners Approve Agreement For Pit

Roosevelt County commissioners approved an agreement regarding the Picard gravel pit, located north of Bainville, during a meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 24.

The five-year agreement has the county paying $2.25 per crushed ton for all rock, gravel, sand, aggregate, clay and earthen materials.

Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said the county has worked with Franz Construction regarding obtaining gravel from the pit in past years, but now they will have a contract with the actual pit.

“It will be a great asset for the Bainville roads,” Oelkers said.

Also during the meeting, commissioners approved a pay increase of 1 percent from 85 percent to 86 percent of the clerk and recorder’s salary for DES coordinator Lindsey McNabb.

Oelkers noted that McNabb has taken on extra duties in the DES and that she is greatly appreciated. The motion was to have her wage increase by 1 percent each year until reaching 90 percent.

McNabb also serves as the administrative assistant to the commissioners as well as road department secretary. Her duties have recently been increased to include being the safety coordinator.

The meeting was the first one attended by county attorney Janet Christoffersen after she won her case to seek a preliminary injunction barring the county from any action prohibiting her from performing the duties of county attorney.

“Janet’s back, welcome back,” Oelkers said near the end of the meeting.

Shortly after the meeting ended, Commissioner Gary Macdonald said to Christoffersen, “Welcome back to God’s country.”

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