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WPCO Commits To Holiday Purchases

The Wolf Point Community Organization approved purchasing Thanksgiving turkeys for area families during its meeting on Monday, Oct. 16.

The 350 turkeys will be provided to community members during distribution on Nov. 12, from 1-5 p.m. at the Silverwolf Casino.

WPCO has also purchased $600 of candy for the Halloween truck or treat event at First Lutheran Church in Wolf Point.

Discussion continued from the previous meeting regarding the conditions of the Fort Peck Correctional Detention. WPCO chair Roxanne Gourneau said she talked with tribal chairman Floyd Azure about the situation. She said that Azure noted that the facility’s sewer and water conditions have been improved. There is still a challenge finding enough staff members.

Tribal Executive Board member Marva Chapman reported that she along with TEB members Bryce Kirk and Lawrence Hamilton recently toured the detention center. “As soon as you walk in, you can smell the cleanliness,” Chapman said. They also talked with inmates.

During the Fort Peck Housing Authority report, it was noted that advertising is being conducted for a new director and finance officer.

Darryl Ricker talked about his desire to start AAU programs for both cross country and basketball. He wants to get children starting to play as young as 5 year olds so they can become involved in positive activities.

He encourages WPCO members to get more involved by attending Wolf Point School Board meetings.

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