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Wolf Point Council Talks New Hires

The Wolf Point City Council held its regular meeting Oct. 16. There were several guests in the audience.

A local property owner complained about the smell of stale alcohol and tobacco smoke blowing into his property from a camper parked near his lot. He complained as well about pests and rodents. Mayor Chris Dschaak said there are no laws or ordinances prohibiting people living in campers but he would look into the matter.

Brianna Vine from Great Northern Development Corporation said a request for nine-month extensions for basement work on Wolf Point’s south side was approved and asked that a penalty be enforced on a late contractor. The fee is $10 per day. The council approved a motion to start charging the contractor as soon as possible. “I wish it was more than $10,” said Dschaak.

Minutes were approved for two public hearings, one special meeting and one regular meeting in August.

The cemetery committee discussed the use of American Rescue Plan Act funding for cemetery expansion plans. The project is estimated to cost approximately $70,000. “I think the council should consider using some of the money,” Dschaak said. “We can’t save it for a rainy day.”

Council member Lance Four Star attended the Montana League of Cities and Towns’ 92nd annual conference held in Helena, Oct. 1113. He submitted his report in writing. “It was a great event in which I was honored to have attended on behalf of the Wolf Point City Council,” said Four Star. “I did make a contact with American Legal Publishing’s Ross Heupal, Codification Consultant, who stated he could help the city audit the city code for update.”

Three applications for employment with the Wolf Point Police Department have been received and will be sent to committee for review. A motion was passed to allow a hiring subcommittee to begin negotiations on hiring a new public works director following the departure of Ward Smith. Jane Beston has been hired in the position of assistant clerk with the city.

Greg Lukasik from Great West Engineering said phase 1 of wastewater system improvements is complete. He asked for several draw requests totaling approximately $377,000. These were approved by the council.

Revenue and expenditure reports for August and September were approved.

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