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County attorney.” All ….

County attorney.”

All other matters are reserved for trial to include issues of damages, mitigation of damages, etc. The judge ordered counsel to confer with one another concerning scheduling of jury trial, pretrial conference, motion hearing, expert disclosures, discovery deadlines and any other pretrial matters that need to be addressed. During the hearing, it was pointed out that Christoffersen didn’t even attend the June 29th meeting to discuss her position. “I had no idea they were going to do it,” Christoffersen testified. “I was under the assumption that if I wanted to stay, I could stay.”

Christoffersen said changes that she attempted to make included following job descriptions by Montana statute such as having the treasurer’s office handle tax deeds instead of the attorney’s office. Another example was having the clerk and recorder’s office rather than the DES coordinator or legal assistant take minutes at commissioner’s meetings.

Since the Sept. 6, Christoffersen has starting duties as a deputy county attorney for Morgan County, Utah.

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