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Rise Up Conference Teacher Receives Grant From Conference

Rise Up Conference Teacher Receives Grant From Conference Rise Up Conference Teacher Receives Grant From Conference

In her first year teaching at the junior high level in Culbertson, math instructor JimiLou Morris is making a significant impact.

Morris has taught for 16 years including a non-consecutive seven years in Culbertson at the secondand sixth-grade levels.

This summer, she had the opportunity to attend the national Empowered Rise Up Conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Morris explained that it was a pleasure to hear from actual classroom teachers at the conference. She’s excited that the same curriculum used in large cities can also be utilized in a small town atmosphere such as in Culbertson.

The Empowered Curriculum is based on the eight foundation principles of Responsibility, Integrity, Knowledge, Freedom, Passion, Opportunity, Sound Judgment and Win-Win Focus.

Morris feels the principles of responsibility, integrity and freedom can particularly be stressed at the junior high level.

In her Culbertson classroom, she has started a class equity program where students perform particular jobs such as being on the tech team, a teacher assistant or a supply supervisor. The students get paid through their activity.

“The kids have responded well to it,” Morris said of the program.

Through the Empowered Rise Up Conference, Morris was awarded a $500 micro grant. Some of those funds will be used in the class equity project.

She has heard that students are saving their money to bid on her for a pie in the face contest later in the school year.

“If that’s what it takes to give them an incentive, I’m all for it,” Morris laughed.

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