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County To Request Speed Study Near Culbertson

The Roosevelt County commissioners approved an action to send a letter to the Montana Department of Transportation to request a speed study be conducted just outside of Culbertson.

Commissioner Gordon Oelkers explained some residents would like the speed limit to be reduced from 70 miles per hour to 55 miles per hour between the beet dump and bridge south of the overpass near Culbertson.

“There’s just more traffic out there,” Oelkers said.

One resident wrote to commissioners that many drivers pull over to use cell phones because of poor cell service south of the Missouri Bridge. He said slowing down this very busy stretch of highway will provide a well deserved degree of safety.

The resident wrote, “The problem with the designated speed is the high volume of traffic. There has been an increase of truck traffic including many gravel, scoria and grain semi trucks.”

Also during the Oct. 3 meeting, resident Lance FourStar informed commissioners that he has filed a complaint with the inspector general of Amtrak. FourStar is concerned with the amount of drugs being transported by individuals riding on the train service.

“We need Amtrak to be more accountable,” FourStar said.

His goals include having increased security measures such as required positive identification.

“It might be one fix to slow it down,” Commissioner Robert Toavs said of drug traffic.

Commissioners approved a request of $5,400 for improvements of the public library’s basement in Wolf Point. Approval is pending on the recommendation of the county’s maintenance head.

The changes include adding lay lights into the ceiling, removing the existing lights and replacing the heater.

Toavs questioned whether commissioners needed to discuss during the public meeting before signing a request from DEQ regarding a scoria pit. The other commissioners said the question was only whether there were any zoning requirements in the county, so discussion wasn’t needed.

During public comment, resident Bill Juve asked for an update regarding the county testing a new soil stabilization solution. The county is still planning road tests.

New hires included Rhea Smoker for the detention center and Trinity Roundface as assistant cook in Culbertson for Aging Services.

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