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Carlbom’s AEMT License Revoked

The Montana Board of Medical Examiners has released a final order regarding sanctions against John Carlbom, who previously served in Wolf Point as an EMT supervisor.

Carlbom worked as the director of Powell Emergency Medical Services in Deer Lodge from 2019-2020, where he supervised other EMS employees. The findings note that he supervised three female EMTs whom he subjected to various forms of sexual harassment and sexual contact.

During the investigation, Carlbom told the Montana Department of Labor and Industry Department’s investigator that he previously worked as an EMT in Wolf Point and was instructed by his employer’s human resources department seven to eight years ago to stop massaging people at work.

Carlbom is also the chief executive officer of Whiteline Consulting and Training. He is also charged with encounters with students that he was training.

The department ruled that Carlbom’s experiences with EMT employees he supervised and students constitute unprofessional conduct as sexual abuse, misconduct and exploitation.

Agreed sanctions include that Carlbom surrenders his Montana AEMT license issued by the board and is prohibited from practicing as an emergency care provider in Montana. The board entered a final order revoking the license.

Carlbom cannot petition the board for reinstatement of his Montana AEMT license for five years.

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