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Rosendale Committed to Cut Federal Spending

During a tele townhall call with Montana residents last week, U.S. Rep. Matt Rosendale, R-Mont, stressed his dedication of reducing the federal deficit and cutting spending.

Rosendale noted the $33 trillion federal deficit. He said the government brings in $5 trillion each year and spends $7 trillion.

“The math is simple folks,” Rosendale said. “We can’t continue kicking the can down the road.”

He explained the only way to curb spending is to have House members take the time to consider the 12 appropriations bills and that process also provides government transparency. He noted the House committee was done by July 1, but that the House leadership failed to bring the items to the floor.

Rosendale was upset about the plan of providing $6 billion of additional funds to help Ukraine in its war efforts. The Republican said leadership in both parties and chambers refuse to cut spending.

“Washington doesn’t corrupt, it exposes,” Rosendale said. “I will continue fighting and being the voice for Montana.”

He said he has been asking for a year for the funding to Ukraine to end until the U.S. secures control of its own southern border.

The congressman says he has visited the southern border three times and northern border five times. He described the southern border as a “disaster” and worse than people realize.

Rosendale said he is pleased that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has finally committed to an impeachment inquiry of President Biden. Rosendale feels the top two items will deal with Biden’s handling of the southern border and Biden’s family funds.

Rosendale noted that the House has the power to defund certain aspects of government not doing its job or overreaching its authority.

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