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Pow-wow Attracts Good Turnout For Native American Week

Pow-wow Attracts Good Turnout  For Native American Week Pow-wow Attracts Good Turnout  For Native American Week

The Wolf Point School District capped its Native American Week recognition with a pow-wow held at the Wadopana Arbor on Thursday, Sept. 28. Students from all of Wolf Point’s schools as well as Frontier School were in attendance.

Rain Turcotte, organizer of the event, explained why the pow wow is a positive. “It’s important because it not only involves our local culture, but also shows we are resilient. We’re still here,” she said.

Dances featured at the celebration included chicken, jingle, grass, traditional and potato. There was also a dance off among teachers.

The Fort Peck Tribes’ culture and language department provided information tables and door prizes. Drummers included the Fort Peck Sioux Singers, Poplar River Boys and Red Rock. Marty Reum served as announcer. Daisy Sherman, a veteran for the U.S. Army, provided a prayer.

The Wolf Point School District provided taco in a bag meals to students.

Turcotte, who is the dean of students at Northside Elementary School, said Native American Week went very well in Wolf Point.

“All of the schools were heavily involved with activities each day,” Turcotte said.

She was pleased that members of the NDO youth group served as flag carriers during the grand entrance. The high school home economics class provided cakes for the cake walk.

Lance FourStar, volunteer for Wolf Point’s 988 program, was impressed with the attendance of the pow wow.

“We have a lot of different aspects of our community coming together,” FourStar said. “It’s a great turnout. It’s Native American Week. We know that really every day is Native American Day in Wolf Point, Montana.”

He noted that NDO members and athletes took part as flag carriers or by walking in the grand entrance.

“It’s a way for us to develop leaders,” FourStar said. “Everything is centered around respect.”

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