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Officials Say Area Experiencing Near Normal Weather Conditions

National Weather Service meteorologists Nick Vertz of Billings and Jacob Zanker of Glasgow provided information during a weather-ready monthly briefing for eastern Montana and northern Wyoming last week.

Zanker noted that due to the lack of precipitation during the past 30 days, the areas along the Canadian border are the most lacking for moisture.

A notable weather event during the early part of September was the area experiencing smoke from wild fires in Canada. The conditions on Sept. 4, created an extended period of visibility of less than a half mile in the Malta area.

He noted that the average temperature in the region was above normal. He added there was nothing noteworthy though as far as record.

For the first part of September, temperatures have been about 4-7 degrees above normal in the state. Zanker said that besides Texas, Montana has the most above normal temperature for a state during the month.

The outlook for Oct. 3-9 is for near normal temperatures and above precipitation chances.

As far as the end of December through February, forecasts are leaning toward above normal temperatures and drier than normal conditions.

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