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Stonehail Moccasin

Stonehail Moccasin Stonehail Moccasin

Stonehail Thomas Moccasin (Iya wasu), 18, disappeared in the Missouri River Aug. 26, 2023, and was found deceased Sept. 6, 2023.

He was born on April 20, 2005, at Trinity Hospital in Wolf Point to John Moccasin and Dessie Bruce. At birth, his grandfather Ronn gave him his Indian name, Iya wasu (Stonehail) named after his great-great-great-grandfather’s Bluehail and Stonewall Jackson. He was bestowed another Indian name,

Wȋchōka Wãsté Wíchā (The man who does good deeds) by Mike Turcotte. He is a member of the Red Bottom Hudesana Assiniboine Clan and Turtle Mountain Chippewa on his maternal side. Also, a descendant and child of Towering House and Bitterwater Clans of the Navajo Tribe on his paternal side.

He started his schooling in Frazer from Head Start to elementary until his family moved to Wolf Point in 2011 where he continued his education. In May 2023, he graduated from Wolf Point High School.

He started his employment with Albertson’s in Wolf Point as a cashier and service clerk while still going to school. His aspiration was to join the Army National Guard after graduation or become a Homeland Security to be a rescuer and help people.

He was an easy-going person, although very quiet. He

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