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Stewart Talks Suicide Prevention At Culbertson

Stewart Talks Suicide  Prevention At Culbertson Stewart Talks Suicide  Prevention At Culbertson

Public speaker and coach Josh Stewart, whose Crow name Dúupa Bacheé’itchi means “Twice-ALeader,” gave Culbertson students a presentation centered on the topics of suicide prevention and personal goals Friday, Sept. 15, at the Culbertson High School gym.

“I’ve been on an incredible journey that led me here today to meet you,” Stewart told the audience. “I grew up on a reservation in Montana. I’ve always loved sports and the excitement of playing competitively. Along my path of life I’ve also found a love for Jesus. These two things aside from raising my children have been my passion that has fueled my choices in life.”

Stewart discussed breaking your goals down into categories related to “home, class and gym” and emphasized the power we all have to impact others positively and negatively throughout the day.

Stewart encouraged students to, “Be a student/person with integrity, one who gives their best effort and isn’t afraid to ask for help, respects their elders and contributes to their education.”

Teacher Mary Machart said Stewart’s talk was encouraging.

“He was vocal about having values and thanking whatever greater power you believe in, for the gift of life,” Machart said. “Once he set the scene, he shared about how he lost a family member to suicide. He described how no one checked on him, because he was ‘happy.’ His message: check on your friends. If you notice they are acting different, reach out to them.”

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