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Partnership Promotes Hunter Behavior

To promote the importance of hunter ethics and improved hunter behavior, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is partnering for a second year with several hunting and agriculture organizations to “protect the hunt.” While the campaign encourages hunters to always practice conscientious behavior, it focuses particularly on showing respect for private land and the access landowners provide.

The slogan is: It’s up to us. Respect access. Protect the hunt. Landowners play an important role in sustaining healthy wildlife populations, contributing to our economy and communities by creating jobs, and providing valuable habitat and treasured open spaces. But the relationship between hunters and landowners can start to fray when just a few hunters abuse the privilege of hunting on private land.

This year, the campaign will focus on five actions hunters can take to ensure the hunting tradition continues: •Plan ahead for access

•Respect private property

•Practice safe hunting behavior •Turn in poachers – call 1-800-TIP-MONT

•Gratitude goes a long way

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