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More than 88,000 Watercraft Inspected In State

So far this year, FWP and its partners have inspected more than 86,000 watercraft for aquatic invasive species. Of those, 45 were mussel-fouled and more than 400 were found with aquatic weeds.

FWP and partner agencies, which include tribes, counties and conservation districts, operate more than 17 road-side watercraft inspection stations across the state. To find a watercraft inspection station or to learn more, go to conservation/aquatic-invasive-species or call the FWP Aquatic Invasive Species Bureau at 406-444-2440.

In the last few weeks, the following was detected: A ski boat recently purchased in Minnesota was intercepted with mussels at the Wibaux watercraft inspection station (operated by Garfield Conservation District). The boat was decontaminated, locked to the trailer and released to its final destination in Pend Oreille, Idaho. Idaho was notified to allow for follow-up.

The Wibaux station intercepted a wakeboard boat that was recently purchased in Minnesota with mussels in the sea strainer. The boat was decontaminated, locked to the trailer and authorities at Lake Tahoe, its destination, were notified for follow-up.

The Broadus inspection station (managed by the Powder River Conservation District) intercepted a recently purchased mussel fouled ski boat from Minnesota heading for Big Sky. Staff decontaminated the boat, locked it to the trailer and FWP staff followed up with the owner for a full decontamination.

No Eurasian watermilfoil has been found in Beaver Lake near Whitefish this season following three comprehensive surveys. Another follow-up survey will be conducted in October.

As the boating season winds down, inspection stations will be closing. The St. Xavier and Sula stations are now closed. Other stations will be closing in the coming weeks.

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