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County Commissioners Reject Bid For Lots

The Roosevelt County Commissioners rejected a lone bid for three lots during a meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

The bid was $200 for three lots. The lots are located on East Edgar Street and First Avenue South.

Commissioners Gordon Oelkers and Robert Toavs rejected the bid because of the low figure and that the bid was received late. Toavs noted that the bid would mean less than $68 a lot. Toavs is fearful that accepting a bid that low would set a precedent. Oelkers feels interest might increase in a year or two.

Resident Bill Juve said he considered the property, but he didn’t make a bid. He suggested that the county lists a minimum price it would accept so residents don’t waste time with the bidding process. Juve said the cost of cleaning and bringing a property up to standard is a sizable amount.

Commissioners said it would be difficult to put a minimum on a property. “But I understand where you are coming from,” Toavs said.

Oelkers said the lots would be put back up for bid when there is interest indicated.

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