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Candidates File For Tribal Executive Board


Four candidates for chairman are among the individuals who have filed for this year’s Fort Peck’s tribal executive board.

Seeking the position of chairman are current chairman Floyd Azure, former chairman John Morales, Barry Bighorn Sr. and current TEB member Justin Gray Hawk Sr.

Filing for vice chair are current vice chair Charles Headdress and current TEB member Patricia “Patt” Iron Cloud.

Candidates for sergeant at arms are current sergeant at arms Bruce “Cubby” Damon and Jolynne Bad Hawk.

Candidates for TEB include incumbents Melvin “Terry” Rattling Thunder, Carolyn Bighorn-Brugh, Shannon Dionne-Martell, Dana “Sam” Buckles, Lawrence Hamilton, Stacey Summers, Bryce Kirk, Marva Chapman and Wayne Martell.

Challengers include Don La-Roque, Ennis Russell Sr., Leonard “Bighorn” Crowbelt, Jestin Dupree, Francine Boxer, Leslie Long Hair, Michael “Mike” Doney, Garrett Big Leggins, Angela Matthews, Tatum Evenson, Charles “Chug” Knowlton, Melissa G. “Melton” Buckles, Perry Lilley, Vernette “Susie” Perry, Mary Follete, Michael J. Littlebull, Dylan Youpee, Roxanne Gourneau, Ona Vee Windchief, Rita Weeks, Kristofer Four Star, Delonna Youngman, Kristian Youngman, Benjamin “BJ” Johnson, Jason Gray Hawk, Vernice Chopper, Melvin D. Scott III, Rick Kirn, Georgia Gibbs-Atkinson, Darren Long Hair, Louella Douglas- Contreras, Helen Daniels-Bighorn and Sandi Hamilton-Azure.

Stacie Smith-Fourstar is the lone chief judge candidate.

Associate judge candidates are Michael Headdress and Marvin Youpee Jr.

Oct. 13 is the last day for new voter registration. Oct. 23 is the the last day to return/accept absentee ballots. Election day is Oct. 28.

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