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Tour Stop Tour Stop


Pictured left to right: Frank Smith (representative for District 31), Maddy Appelbaum (development director for Montana Democratic Party), Jesse James Mullen (candidate for Secretary of State), Hadley Stack (communications director for MDP), Kev Hamm (candidate for District 02), Jonathan Windy Boy (District 32), Shannon O’Brien (District 46 and candidate for Office of Public Instruction), Mary Caferro (District 81), Ming Cabrera (candidate for MT02), Sheila Hogan (executive director of the MDP), Lance Four Star (vice chair of the Fort Peck Democratic Tribal Committee and treasurer for MDP), Jay Long (College Dems), Marc Cooke (president of Wolves of the Rockies) and College Dems member Cara Schuttler at American Legion Park in Poplar on Sept. 2.

(Photo by James Walling)

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