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MDOT Releases Improvement Project Plans Through 2027

The Montana Department of Transportation has released its Statewide Transportation Improvement Program plans for 2023-2027.

The plan includes $556.9 million for construction/reconstruction during the years. In addition, funds are $324 million for rehabilitation and widening, $424.6 million for resurfacing, $114.3 million for spot improvement and safety, $326.5 million for bridge replacement/rehabilitation and $100.7 million for miscellaneous.

Projects scheduled for District 4, the Glendive district, during the time span include $10 to $15 million for a major rehab west of Jordan on Highway 200, an overlay on U.S. 212 east of Lame Deer, $15 to $20 million for a bridge replacement in Forsyth, less than $20 million for a major rehab northwest of Fort Peck on Highway 24, less than $20 million on reconstruction near Brockway and an overlay north and south on Highway 16 near Savage.

Area projects planned are less than $1 million on Wolf Point Rodeo Road, $1 to $5 million for bridge replacement on Big Muddy Creek near Medicine Lake, less than $1 million on 209 North of Wolf Point and less than $1 million on 199 north of Poplar.

Construction scheduled for 2023 on the Fort Peck Reservation include Poplar Airport redevelopment and at R-Y Hill. Projects in 2023-2024 include Drive Inn North, Frazer streets, Kirn Road, Poplar streets, Red Thunder Road and south Wolf Point streets.

This program was developed through coordinated efforts of the Montana Department of Transportation, state and federal agencies, local and tribal governments, metropolitan planning organizations, public agencies, transportation providers, citizens and other interested parties.

This program identifies highway, rail, aeronautic, and transit improvements to preserve, renovate and enhance Montana’s transportation system.

Department officials note that although the projects and dates shown are official departmental objectives, it is important to bear in mind that this program is only tentative. Execution of this program is contingent on a number of factors including federal and state funding availability, right-of-way acquisition, utility relocations, environmental review, surveying and design. Complications with one or more of these factors may cause a given project to be rescheduled.

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