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Sheila Greybull

Sheila (Noreen) Greybull, 56, died Aug. 6, 2023, in Poplar.

She was born Dec. 27, 1967, at the Poplar Hospital in Poplar to Melvin Shaw Greybull and Diane Longee. Sheila was the third-born of her nine siblings, including Everett Browning Jr., Anthony Browning, Kimberly Greybull, Johna Greybull and Brian Greybull Monica Greybull Lindsey Greybull and Melvin Greybull Jr. As the firstborn daughter in the family, she was a natural leader and caretaker.

Growing up on the east end of town, she took an interest in sports and learned the game of basketball by playing it with the boys in her neighborhood. Because of these early experiences, she quickly became an adept ball player and, in 1985, was named among the top five players in the state of Montana for Class B.

She also was a cheerleader and enjoyed singing, her rich alto voice earning her various solos throughout her school years. She also performed in vocal ensemble groups. She also loved listening to music, dancing and rooting the Denver Broncos.

Her firstborn son, Derrick Lee Greybull, introduced her to motherhood, followed by Marissa Buckles, Ryan Buckles, Mandee Buckles, Mallory Greybull, Raina Cooeyate and Cecelia Cooeyate, whom she adopted.

Her work career spanned everything from bartending and teaching children as an aide and instructor of the Dakota Language and home/ school coordinator for Native children, to serving ailing patients as a certified nursing assistant in Great Falls, where she moved to with her family in 1998.

Eventually, she would require the same care she gave others. Always the giver, she donated a kidney to her father in 1992 when his kidney function slowed. In time, her remaining kidney began to suffer and she entered into a long journey of kidney dialysis.

Wherever she went — whether into schools to teach and mentor children or at her medical appointments — she was a magnet to people.

Her fierce love for life was severely challenged in 2010 with the tragic death of her son Ryan and a leg injury, resulting in infection and the amputation of her left leg. The heartbreak of losing her son, along with her ease of mobility, was almost enough to break her spirit. In time, she realized that unforgiveness would destroy her and that God had given her a higher purpose. At this point, she clung to the Jesus she’d been introduced to in childhood and became determined to begin fully living again.

She was preceded in death by her son, Ryan Buckles; grandson, Kanyen Lee Greybull; sisters, Kim Greybull and Monica Greybull.

She is survived by her children and numerous grandchildren.

Funeral services were held Thursday, Aug. 17, at the Poplar Cultural Center. Interment was at Chelsea Cemetery. Clayton Stevenson Memorial Chapel of Wolf Point was entrusted with the arrangements.

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