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character and morals at the same time we develop thinking skills. In our areas of influence, whether it is in the home, church, school or the community, we must build knowledge and character. If we have integrity and character, our children have a better chance to do the same.

Educators must engage the parents and the students to find a path forward that works. Good communication is essential to prevent failure and create success. Education is a partnership. All parties must step up to the plate to create success.

As a society, we need to be hungry for knowledge. We must value education. We cannot afford to rest upon our past successes as a country. We must actively find ways to improve the learning environment and instruction. Collaboration between the student, parent and teacher is one step in that direction.

In Wolf Point, we are fortunate because we have many organizations that also support the school and our students. We intend to work with these organizations to leverage a better future for the children of Wolf Point.

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