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DES Reminds To Be Prepared For Storms

DES Reminds To Be Prepared For Storms DES Reminds To Be Prepared For Storms

The strong wind storm that hit Wolf Point and other parts of the area on Sunday, July 30, created its share of property damage including bringing down power lines and trees. Although some residents were without power for more than 24 hours, Roosevelt County can be thankful that it wasn’t a true emergency situation. Lindsey McNabb, Roosevelt County DES coordinator, kept track on the conditions in Wolf Point, but DES wasn’t needed during this particular storm. “They were on it. MDU was on it,” McNabb said.

She urges people to call police dispatch if they are need of urgent help or DES’s assistance.

“I need calls from dispatch to do anything,” McNabb explained. “They call me if needed.”

She reminds residents that when under a thunderstorm warning, they should find safe shelter immediately. She stresses people should pay attention to alerts and warnings. They should unplug appliances and not use landline phones. Avoid using running water and stay away from flooded roadways.

Measures people can take to prepare for a possible storm include cutting down or trimming trees, securing outside furniture and using surge protectors.

After a storm hits, listen to authorities and weather forecasts. Be on the watch for fallen power lines and trees.

McNabb suggests to build your own disaster supply kit including a three-day supply of non-perishable food, a gallon of water per day for each person, a manual can opener, a First Aid kit, medications, hand sanitizer wipes, toilet paper, dental care products, soap and shampoo.

Items in your vehicle should include car repair tools, road maps, food and water, tent, blankets, pillows, clothes and sturdy shoes, rain gear and towels.

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