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Area farmers are beginning to combine and it is a beautiful sight, while others wait patiently for the crops to ripen. Temperatures have ranged from 62 degrees to 104 in the last two weeks. The hard work of the summer is still ahead as families work together to bring in harvests and care for gardens.

A large storm system brought much needed rain on Sunday to Wall Street and the north part of the Lustre area. It brought hail along Frazer-Richland road with winds ranging from 40 mile an hour at Gary Funk’s and moving hay bales to 63 mile an hour reported by the National Weather Service in Glasgow in the southwest portion of Lustre. Those hit by varying amounts of hail included Bryce Nichols, Dan Reddig, Warren and Tony Fast homes.

A number of families met for a picnic at the Nolan Teichroew home Sunday afternoon after the storm.

Teachers are returning from their summers away to prepare for the upcoming year.

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