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Resolutions Approved For County Salaries

Roosevelt County commissioners approved resolutions regarding salaries of elected officials during their meeting on Tuesday, July 25.

Under one of the resolutions, the county attorney will have a salary of $119,215.60 and the deputy county attorney will have a salary of $101,333.26, which is 85 percent of the county attorney’s salary. Recently, commissioners agreed to make the county attorney position part-time for now. At that meeting, Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said regarding the position to part-time, “It opens up our options.” Commissioner Gary Macdonald said the intention is to have the position moved back to full time when the next county attorney is elected.

As far as paying the next county attorney the full salary, commissioners indicated they feel that is their best avenue in their search.

Oelkers said that he’s been told by attorneys that they can make $200 an hour in a private practice. A possibility is that an attorney could be county attorney part-time and also maintain a private practice.

Commissioner Robert Toavs noted that it’s been said that former county attorney Frank Piocos was only in the office three days a week.

Other elected officials’ salaries approved were $71,162 for the clerk and recorder/ public administrator, county/ treasurer/assessor and county commissioners; $74,162 for sheriff/coroner, $72,162 for clerk of district court/superintendent of schools and $51,871.50 for the two justices of the peace.

Commissioners approved the purchase of three CAT snow wings for a total cost of $12,000.

The county has agreed to a bid from MK Weeden Construction to buy 17,799 tons of 3/4 minus gravel stockpiled at the Handran pit for $4 per ton.

Hired were Alyssa Follet for the detention center and Marissa Follet for dispatch.

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