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Lustre News

Annual cleanup day at Lustre Christian High School was on Monday, July 31. All those who assisted were greatly appreciated.

Thirty men attended the annual Men’s Camp-out on Saturday, July 22, at Fort Peck, sponsored by the Mennonite Brethren Church of Lustre. Guest speaker was Daryl Toews.

Sunday, July 23, was a very special day for the MB Church. They had their service at the Downstream (Kiwanis) shelter in Fort Peck, followed by the baptism in the dredge cuts of Caleb Hiller, K.J. Brown, Abby Olfert and Grace Byers. This day was Pastor Frank Lenihan’s birthday and he said, “There is no greater gift I could have been given than to be privileged to baptize these folk upon their confession of faith.” The congregation also enjoyed a picnic together.

A carload of ladies attended the First Love Encounter Women’s conference in Circle Friday, July 21. It was organized by LCHS alumnus Candace (Wall) Erickson. They declared it was well worth getting up at 5 a.m. to attend.

Darin and Ashley Pankratz have been able to bring their son home from the Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colo. Gavin came home a week ago Tuesday after surgery on his back, which was injured when a cattle panel fell on his waist. Many are thankful the family can be together again after months of separation due to his accident.

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