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Few File For Municipal Positions In Roosevelt County

Due to a lack of candidates, no municipal primary elections will be needed in Roosevelt County this year.

Four individuals have filed for council positions in Wolf Point. The candidates are incumbents Laurie Evans in Ward 1, Craig Rodenberg in Ward 3 and Carrie Manning in Ward 4. Ken Hentges has filed for a spot in Ward 2. Current Ward 2 council members Emily Bouta and Jeff Wozniak have not filed for re-election.

Mayor Chris Dschaak’s term doesn’t end until the end of 2025. Council members who have terms ending in 2025 are John Plestina, Dean Mahlum and Lance FourStar.

Todd Gabriel is the only candidate who has filed for mayor in Culbertson. He is currently serving as Culbertson’s interim mayor after the departure of Larry Crowder.

Incumbent Abe Rumsey has filed for Culbertson’s council in Ward 1. No candidates have filed in Ward 2. The terms for council members Dave Solem and Mark Nelson expire at the end of 2025.

In Bainville, incumbents Carol Rasmussen and William Rathbun have field to serve on the town council.

No one filed for positions in either Poplar or Froid.

The general election is scheduled for Nov. 7.

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