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Agnes Johnston

Agnes Johnston Agnes Johnston

Agnes M. Johnston, 75, of Frazer died Tuesday, June 27, 2023 She was born Feb. 11, 1948, in Wolf Point to Savannah E. Sweeny and Raymond Johnston. She was their only child.

She is a member of the Hude‘sana (Red Bottom) Clan of Nakota and was an active Red Bottom Celebration committee member for many years. She grew up in the Wicohan religion, attending ceremonies and rituals all of her life. She was an ambassador of culture and was an Oil Celebration Princess and traveled with her parents to many celebrations/powwows representing the Fort Peck Tribes.

Her early years were spent in Wiota at her mother’s home. They moved to Nashua when Agnes began school. When her mother began to work for the BIA, they moved to Poplar. During the winter, they stayed in town so she wouldn’t miss school, but the summers they spent in Wiota. She graduated from Poplar High School.

Upon graduation, she attended Dawson Community College for one year. While attending Dawson Community College, she met Arron Wayne Anderson. They were blessed with a daughter, Jo-Beth. Tragedy struck soon after the baby was born and Arron died.

Her best friend Janet Youngman convinced her to come out of grief because she was still young. “Be adventurous and let’s attend Bacon College in Oklahoma for one year.” With Janet twisting her arm, Agnes joined her in Oklahoma.

Returning from Oklahoma, she married Harry Hamilton and they had two children. They divorced, but remained friends.

Throughout her life, she held various positions with the BIA, NAES College and the Fort Peck Tribes. After receiving her college degree, she began working at Fort Peck Tribal Health and Spotted Bull Treatment Center. She enjoyed working and thrived in the environment of support and friendship of her coworkers. She retired in 2012.

She enjoyed the socialization received when going to powwows, traveling and visiting new places, playing machines at the casinos and attending ceremonies.

She enjoyed being with her grandchildren and watching her favorite TV shows Naked & Afraid and NCIS and local basketball teams during the season.

She is survived by her son, Raymond J. Hamilton; daughters, JoBeth Johnston and Chrissy Hamilton; and six grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Funeral services were held Sunday, July 2, at the Wolf Point Community Hall, followed by burial at Chicken Hill.

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