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Wolf Point Police Blotter

(Publisher’s Note: The following blotter includes the activities of the Wolf Point police and fire departments June 19-25. All those cited or arrested are presumed innocent.)

June 20

Ferris Birdsbill, 34, male, 100 block of Third Avenue South, partner/family member assault, tribal court.

June 21

Christina Longtree, 42, female, 300 block of Main Street, warrant, tribal court.

Pernell Begshisown, 44, male, underpass, public intoxication and disorderly conduct, tribal court.

June 23

Precious Wetsit, 30, female, 300 block of Front Street, felony theft, fleeing from or eluding an officer and criminal endangerment, tribal court.

In addition to the citations above, the WPPD had the following activity: accident/ traffic, one; alarm/burglary, one; alarm/business, three; alarm/medical, one; animal/ dog bite, two; animal/other, one; animal/stray, one; assault, one; assault/aggravated, two; assistance required/other government agency, one; assistance required/public, one; civil complaint, one; counterfeit/ currency, one; disorderly conduct/fight, three; disorderly conduct, two; disorderly conduct/vagrant, two; disturbance/ panhandling, one; disturbance/ remove unwanted person, 13; domestic abuse, three; domestic/family disturbance, one; driving under the influence/alcohol, two; fire, one; fire/structure, one; illegal liquor make, sale or possess, one; loitering (juvenile), one; loitering/panhandling, two; lost property, one; medical assistance, four; missing person/ child, one; other, four; public intoxication/open container, one; runaway/male, one; stolen vehicle, two; suspicious activity, one; suspicious person, one; suspicious vehicle, one; theft, three; traffic incident, five; traffic property/ other motor vehicle, one; traffic roads/parking, one; traffic roads/road surface, one; trespassing, five; unsecured premises/law enforcement reported, two; vandalism, one; vandalism/motor vehicle, one; weapon offense, one; welfare check, 16; total, 104.

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