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Newspaper, Nemont Say Be Aware Of Fraud

Area advertisers and subscribers should be cautious when placing orders or responding to emails from someone claiming to be from the Northern Plains Independent.

Last week, Nemont notified the Northern Plains Independent that someone claiming to be one of our employees had attempted to add several email address to our account. The calls came from an unknown number, Nemont said.

The Nemont team thought this activity was suspicious and called us to confirm that we did indeed need more email address. Once we confirmed that we had not requested the email addresses, Nemont canceled the order.

Later that day, the impersonator called Nemont again. Nemont followed up with us and canceled the order. The next morning, Nemont received yet another request for additional email addresses. They confirmed with us again that we did not need new email addresses and canceled the order.

Nemont asked us to complete a new Customer Proprietary Network Information form, which includes authorized users and security questions that allow our employees to make changes to our Nemont account and technical support.

Nemont went one step further and gave us an entirely new account number, as well.

The incident was reported to local law enforcement.

Our team is the same ones you know and have been working with for the past year. If you are suspicious that you might be speaking to an impostor, please tell us you will return our call and call us at 406-653-2222 or 406-653-2775.

Valid emails are northern-plainsindependent@ gmail. com (with no hyphen) and the following usernames with the format: independent, indyads, indyeditor, indysports, indysales and indydesign.

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