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Cannabis Sales Going Steady In Roosevelt County

Roosevelt County residents have made a habit of spending more than $10,000 daily on cannabis for most of 2023.

During the month of April, the Department of Revenue reports that $325,784 was taken in for cannabis sales in Roosevelt County. The amount includes $232,467 in “adult-use sales” and $93,316 in medical sales. The $325,784 translates to $10,859 being spent daily in the county.

In March, $368,416 or $11,884 daily was spent on cannabis sales in Roosevelt County. Roosevelt County spent $298,014 or $10,643 daily on cannabis sales during the month of February.

The county had $297,864 in cannabis sales during January for $9,608 daily.

Although Roosevelt County is hitting steady sales, Richland County is reporting even greater activity.

The cannabis sales for Richland County during 2023 have included $744,730 in January, $770,627 in February, $855,920 in March and $849,104 in April.

Sales in Valley County are lower with $143,934 in January, $133,539 in February, $155,810 in March and $145,568 in April.

Voters in each of the three counties approved 3 percent taxes for medical and “adult-use” sales during elections held in 2022.

Funds from the taxes will be split with 50 percent going to the county, 5 percent to the state and the rest divided among the cities.

Roosevelt County commissioners expect to see their first report regarding the new tax sometime during July. Public safety is the probable area for the funding.

Monthly sales in the state during 2023 have include $24,946,537 in January, $24,530,061 in February, $27,098,679 in March and $25,817,355 in April.

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