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Commissioners Approve Of Crisis Planning Grant

The Roosevelt County commissioners approved the health department receiving a $35,000 Crisis Coalition Planning Grant from the Montana Healthcare Foundation during its weekly meeting on Tuesday, May 23.

“The purpose is to work with Fort Peck Tribes and other community partners to examine existing availability of services for mental health crisis and determine what services are missing so we can prevent people in mental health crisis from routinely going to jail, and have ways and means for them to access behavioral health services when in crisis,” Patty Presser, director of the health department, wrote to commissioners.

The grant is for a two-year time period. Loveland Consulting will lead the project with Presser’s input. Dennis Fourbear of the Fort Peck Tribal Health Department is leading a similar effort.

Commissioners also approved electrical updates for the Roosevelt County Fairgrounds. Estimated cost is $27,300.

The improvement will be beneficial for camper hook-ups, food vendors and entertainers.

Commissioners approved a proposal from Roosevelt County Aging to have Roosevelt Medical Center provide Meals on Wheels in Culbertson on a rate of $9 for meals and $5.50 for delivery.

Rehired were Randy Pautsch for mosquito control, Heather Boysun for mosquito control and Christy Walker for aging services.

Summer help hired for the fair were Payton Perkins, Perla Burciaga, Mariana Burciaga, William Salvevold and Leandra Perkins.

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