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Unemployment Rate Remains At 2.3 Percent

Montana’s unemployment rate remained at a historic, all-time low of 2.3 percent for the second consecutive month, Governor Greg Gianforte announced last week. Total employment and labor force in Montana reached alltime highs, growing by more than 1,400 jobs and some 1,200 workers respectively.

“Montanans work hard to earn a living, own or rent a home, raise their family, and achieve the American dream,” Gianforte said. “Today’s jobs report continues to show our pro-jobs, pro-family, pro-business policies are working. We’ll keep advancing those policies to help hardworking Montanans prosper, keep more of what they earn, and drive our economy forward.”

For the first time ever, Montana has more than 560,000 employed workers – an increase of almost 39,000 workers since Gianforte was elected. Similarly, the state’s labor force has grown by more than 28,000 workers.

Payroll jobs in Montana grew by 1,100 jobs in April, with the largest gains in manufacturing, transportation, and health care.

With just 13,029 unemployed workers across the state, the number of unemployed Montanans is at its lowest point since recordkeeping began. The number of unemployed workers has declined by more than 45 percent since Gianforte was elected.

Unemployment in Montana has remained at or below 3.0% for 19 consecutive months under the governor’s leadership. Before the governor took office, unemployment in Montana had fallen under 3.0% only three times since recordkeeping began in 1976.

The unemployment rate for the U.S. in April changed little at 3.4 percent.

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