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Stockgrowers’ Auction Scheduled In Glasgow

Montana Stockgrowers Association has launched a series of rollover auctions at markets across Montana to raise funds for its appeal of Bureau of Land Management’s decision regarding American Prairie’s grazing allotments.

An auction is scheduled for April 20 at the Glasgow Stockyards.

Each rollover auction will raise funds for the MSGA Advocacy Fund, which allows for a collective voice for cattle ranchers advocating for change and accountability at the state and federal levels. This fund is currently being used to support the appeal against BLM and is in partnership with North and South Phillips Grazing Districts and under the counsel of the Budd-Falen Law Offices, LLC.

In a rollover auction, the donated animal is put up for auction, purchased, re-donated, and then purchased again. This is done over and over until there are no more bids to be taken. Once this process is over, the heifer will then be sold at auction. All of the proceeds from each sale and the final auction will go to supporting the MSGA Advocacy Fund. Stockgrowers feel that American Prairie’s American Serengeti concept is a threat to the grassland ecosystem, rural communities and Montana’s cattle industry. MSGA is calling for all who are passionate about the protection and stewardship of Montana’s lands, heritage, and legacy to please consider supporting these auctions. Donations can also be made at www.protectopenspaces. com.

The most up-to-date Rollover Auction calendar can be found at advocacy/take-action. For additional information on the event, call Monty Lesh 406-853-1523, your district’s director, or the MSGA office at 406-442-3420.

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