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mittee. I’m very adapted to ….

mittee. I’m very adapted to working in a board environment with high stakes conversations.

Petersen: I feel like I would be a good fit on this board. I have a common sense and level headed approach to dilemmas. I look forward serving on the board with the current and future members executing the day to day and behind the scenes functions.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing the Culbertson School District?

Becker: The biggest challenges will always be budgeting and staffing. I think that is a universal statement wherever you are in this world. We will also be having a change up in administration and with Mr. Crowder serving the school for so long, we know what to expect, and that isn’t necessarily a challenge but more of an adjustment of how a new person will process issues that arise.

Cullinan: We are in a transition period with Larry retiring. I want to make sure we have the best opportunity possible to make the next 30 years as good as possible. New thoughts and new ideas are necessary to growth and we are entering a period of growth Petersen: The first thing that jumps to mind are the open positions within the school, and what it will take to fill them with compassionate and competent individuals who will want to be a member of our team. In which areas do you feel the school district could improve?

Becker: I think there are a lot of positive things happening at the school. As a parent I have good communication and knowledge about what is happening at the school. I think that the many students and teachers that represent the school are well-rounded. I keep up with school board minutes and information so I see what the school is looking to improve. I would just like to be able to help any improvements that we identify going forward.

Cullinan: Budget is always important, how do we get the best possible teachers for our students within the confines of what we can afford. I believe extracurriculars are super important to the growth of our youth. So much is learned from being a part of a team outside of the score we need to support all participation every chance possible.

Petersen: I know there have been a few transportation challenges recently. I am aware there are a few conversations in the works to address these short comings. What are you the most impressed with regarding the Culbertson School District?

Becker: I am impressed with how resilient the staff and faculty can be. I know that they are asked to wear multiple hats in addition to educating our students. I am also impressed with the facilities and how open they are. There are many events that are held at the school for educational opportunities, gym scheduling, and fitness center can be incorporated with school and public use.

Cullinan: Culbertson is a great place with great kids. Let’s keep that train going in that direction.

Petersen: I do have four children currently (eventually it will be six) in the Culbertson School. I really feel when our children walk through the front doors they are cared for and about. I walked these same halls and graduated from the same school. I will always cherish the opportunities afforded to me.

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