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Higgins, Jackson Seek District One Spot

District One incumbent Keith Higgins is being challenged by write-in candidate Ronald Jackson for a threeyear term on the Wolf Point School Board.

Ballots will be mailed Thursday, April 13, by the Wolf Point School District. Voted ballots can be mailed back or dropped off at the Wolf Point School District Office, 400 Fallon Street. Ballots must be received by 8 p.m. on Election Day, Tuesday, May 2.

The candidates answered the following questions regarding their interest in serving on the school board. Why did you decide to run for a trustee position? Higgins: I decided to run again because I enjoyed my first term and I feel like the more I learn the more I have to offer as a trustee.

Jackson: Because I am the best person for the job as I have 18 years of experience.

Why do you feel you are qualified to serve on the school board?

Higgins: I feel like my first term was a good learning experience. I would like to serve another term to learn more and use my experience to better the district in any way I can.

Jackson: Once again, I have 18 years of experience. I was voted as the Indian School Board Member of the Year from the National JOM Committee. I also know and understand school policies. My four daughters have all graduated from Wolf Point and I have nine grandchildren in the system today. Why do you feel you are a good candidate to serve on Wolf Point’s school board?

Higgins: I have one child enrolled in Wolf Point Public Schools and another that will be in two years. I want to serve on the board to try to ensure the best education environment for my children and all of the other children in our district.

Jackson: I have been alcohol and drug free for 48 years. I am a product of the Wolf Point High School by attaining my high school diploma in 1974. I also have my A.A. I human services from Fort Peck Community College, and B.S. in psychology from the University of Great Falls. I have hundreds of classes regarding law from the State of Montana Police Academy in Bozeman, Class 29, and Indian Police Academy in Brigham City, Utah.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing the Wolf Point School District?

Higgins: As of right now, our biggest challenge is finding a full-time superintendent.

Jackson: Keeping kids in school, finding teachers and administration. Back in the day, Wolf Point was one of the largest Class B schools in the state of Montana and now we are one of the smallest Class B schools.

In which areas do you feel the school district could improve?

Higgins: I’d like to see most of, if not all, of our uncertified emergency staff gain some sort of certification.

Jackson: Lack of housing for teachers. Also, making the school feel more welcome for everyone that walks into our schools.

What are you most impressed with regarding the Wolf Point School District?

Higgins: I am impressed most by how much the staff and administration truly care about the education and the well-being of all of our students.

Jackson: Plenty of activities for kids, the school is well kept and very clean.

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