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dural reviews should be ongoing ….

dural reviews should be ongoing in the areas of student discipline, and in the handling of student discipline issues. This should be a continuous process due to the ever-challenging social dilemmas our communities are encountering. The question should be first and foremost, “How does/can these policies and procedures benefit our students?”

In which areas do you feel the school district could improve?

Gourneau: We have boasting rights in many areas, but we would be amiss if we did not continue to strive to offer a premier education to all students. Board members are faced with planning and educational outcomes for years down the road, we must strategically come together to share a vision for where we will be three years, five years, and 10 years in the future of education, along with meeting today’s needs.

Hansen: Planning! A fiveyear plan is needed. Just this week the Billings School District selected Dr. Garcia as their incoming superintendent. I followed the process with great interest. Following the boards selection, a reporter asked Dr. Garcia how he was going to begin his position in the district. Dr. Garcia ‘s response was once he becomes familiarized with his staff; planning is always the first step. He stated that planning should begin through a reverse process by reviewing the school’s mission statement, and working with all stakeholders in preparing a five-year plan that directly correlates to the outcomes that achieves the districts mission statement. This is a process that Superintendent Loverty Erickson utilized with the Wolf Point board committees. On the negotiations committee, she asked each of us what we wanted to accomplish. Through discussions we formulated a negotiation packet based on data, we then identified components of the negations packet that correlated to outcomes that assisted in completing our mission statement. What are you the most impressed with regarding the Wolf Point School District?

Gourneau: Our ability to take pride in being a Wolf Point Wolf, despite our internal differences.

Hansen: I have always been impressed with our school personnel. The individuals that work day-in and dayout, without complaint to do what they feel is best for the students. We need to recognize our staff, administration and faculty more frequently.

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