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Northside School Recognized For Improvements

The Wolf Point School District recently received positive news regarding Northside Elementary School.

The Montana Office of Public Instruction has informed local school officials that Northside has experienced improved achievement in all subgroups and is no longer in the lowest 5 percent of Title I schools.

“It’s because of a lot of hard work that the teachers put in,” Northside Principal Georgie Gourneau said.

Based on the federal Every Student Succeeds Act and Montana’s accountability system, Northside was designated as Additional Targeted Support and Improvement status in 2019. Since that time, Northside has made improvements to exit the status. In order to accomplish the achievement, the following criteria needed to be met: * All subgroups must perform at a level higher than the lowest performing 5 percent of Title I schools, as determined in the annual meaningful determination process.

* Meet their growth goals for the year they are in targeted support and improvement as well as the following year.

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