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Crain Sentenced For Criminal Misconduct

Trevor Levi Crain was sentenced for felony criminal misconduct after he removed padding from the floor and bench area to create damage to a padded cell in the Roosevelt County Detention Center on May 6, 2022.

During a hearing on Tuesday, March 28, District Judge David Cybulski made his sentence based on a plea agreement from both the defense and the state. The agreement was for Crain to have a fouryear commitment with the Montana Department of Corrections with all four years suspended. The sentence is to run concurrent with another charge. After listening to arguments, Cybulski ruled that Crain must pay restitution of $4,000. The amount is based on $3,870 for materials and more than $100 in labor.

During the hearing, county maintenance supervisor Craig Karge provided an invoice regarding the cost of materials. He performed the labor of the job himself.

It was noted that the county didn’t file for insurance in the matter. The county’s deductible is $2,000.

Defense attorney Sally Kay Hickok argued for her client by providing pay stubs and the list of his expenses.

Crain said he figures that he can afford to pay $25 to $50 monthly for the damages.

In her closing arguments, Hickok said she wished the county had filed for insurance to decrease Crain’s payments.

Deputy county attorney Thomas Bleicher said the state is simply asking that Crain pays for repairing the jail cell.

Crain said there was previous damage to the jail cell prior to the incident.

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